• Art is an outstanding tool for teaching not only developmental skills, but also academic subjects such as math, science, and literacy. The most effective learning takes place when children do something related to the topic they are learning. When children study any given concept, they learn it better and retain it longer if they do an art activity that reinforces that learning. This information has been recognized by teachers since the time of Confucius, when he said: "I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember; I do and I understand."

    Community arts is an emerging field promoting creative artistic practices with groups and communities to express diverse identities and raise awareness about social, political and environmental issues. It democratizes art, emphasizes working together as much as the finished product, and embraces a wide range of activities, including participatory mural production.

    Ursula Neufeld-Mosaic Artist


    I have the great privilege of working with Communities and School children to create beautiful Mosaic pieces on benches, gardens, fences, windows and 3-d structures.  I work with teachers to create an exciting environment where the children learn through hands on experiences with tile, tools and many other materials. I create large mosaics for indoor or outdoor use.  As well small individual projects that enhance children's learning through the arts.  The projects will be adapted to the developmental level and skill of the participants....high school to elementary.


    Through the years I have created projects that incorporate communities.  I work with the community members to create a meaningful theme and ways to depict that message through mixed media.  I teach the skills needed to create a mosaic that will create beauty within that community for hundreds of years to come.  The length of these projects have taken anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.


    In my own work I love to play with colours and textures.  I find working in the abstract with a variety of materials feeds my need to create and be creative. I have used materials such as light, glass, stucco, tile, porcelain, metal, gold on various substrates. I love working on 3 dimensional substrates that I have carved and prepared for the various tesserae.  





    Human Heart Mosaic

    Culture Canada

    Created this human Mosaic with almost 800 school children.  Central Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  2013

    Chile, Santiago mosaic

    International Mosaic Artist project....Santiago Chile


    Canadian representation in Chile......


    Creative mind.


    "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the Human Soul."

    "You cannot use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have."

    There is a fountain of youth....it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.  When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."

    Chile....Puento Alto Mosaic Project results


    Mosac artists throughout the globe gathered for 2 weeks in Santiago Chile, to create a dynamic mosaic mural under the direction of Isidora Paz Lopez.

    Strathcona Stars


    Students made their homes in the mosaic stars.  The bicycle wheels turn as the wind blows.  The clouds are painted with stucco.

    Every child is a star....Dufferin School

    Dufferin elementary school Art Teacher Melissa Ryz and I worked with the over 300 students to create a star that represented them as individual spirits.


    We borrowed the teachings of Manitoba elder, Wilfred Buck, incorporating Cree constellations into the installations of the stars. 

    Elmwood High School Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada)

    We are all responsible for respecting each other now matter where we where born.

    Kildonan East Secondary School Winnipeg

    Mosaic Moon


    Elmwood High School

    Turtle Moon



    Polson elementary School 

    Outdoor benches....Kindergarten to Grade 3



    Riverside Lion's Seniors residence - Canada's Birthday 150

    Outdoor signage.



    Beaverlodge School

    Beaverlodge school mosaic mural.....meteorite.



    North Y youth centre

    Skate board site




    David Livingston Community School

    David Livingston School Community Treaty

    Community treaty created 2018 with the children of David Livingston Community School.





    Westdale Middle years school

    Living in Charleswood.....

    Students of Westdale school created this mosaic that has the woods, deer, water and the youth of the community.





    Teulon Elementary

    First Peoples tribute

    Students create seven sacred teaching mosaic.






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  • Artist in Manitoba Schools

    A glimpse at the many projects with schools in Manitoba.

    Athlone Recycled materials on can's.  Used for plants.

    John M King elementary school


    Athlone School Empty Bowls  program - Ted Harrison themed mosaics

    Athlone School Ted Harrison Mosaic

    Wellington elementary school animals of the 7 teachings

    Seven teachings

    Flowers of Manitoba

    Flowers of Manitoba  Elementary School Project.

    Lily pads and frogs

    Frog Cycle Pond

    Beaverlodge elementary school Grade 6 mosaic bench.

    Beaverlodge Bench

    Beaverlodge elemenatry School. Grade 6 project.

    Beaverlodge Bench

    Mosaic self portraits...entry way of Hugh John MacDonald School.

    Hugh John MacDonald middle years School.  School entryway.

    Students made base out of styrafoam, mesh and acrylic.  Students applying words, wood, and stucco.

    Hugh John MacDonald Tree of Life 

    Middle years project Flowers of the World representing the students of the school.

    Hugh John McDonald Mosaic "Who are we"  "Do  we have a Voice"?  "Is that Voice Heard"?

    Greenway elemetary school cement stepping stones

    Kindergarten/parents project

    Using found materials.....designing your own butterfly.

    Elementary School Butterfly project

    Indirect method of creating flowers for the outdoor gardens.

    Flowers for Butterfly Garden Mosaic.

    Display feeling through Mosaics

    Emotions displayed through Mosaics.

    Mosaic patterns

    Patterning through mosaics

    Wellington Elementary school butterfly garden

    Wellington School butterfly garden 

    Parent group made the trees for the boreal forest mural.  Animals by the students of Wellington School.  Painted mural by Wellington Art teacher and students.

    Wellington Boreal Forest Animals in the Boreal Forest.

    The rain cycle in tile.

    Wellington School mosaiced bench.

    The School by the river Mosaics....they will be installed on the Mulvey elementary school fence in Spring of 2014.

    The School by the River  Mulvey Elementary School

    8 panels created from Stories.  The theme...the school by the River.

    The School by the River.......

    Mama Bear...the protector  A project of the COACH students...off site.

    Three of eight panels of the Jamie Oliveria created stories with the students of the School by the River.

    Mulvey School The School by the River Stories.

    Mulvey Elementary School Mosaic

    High John MacDonald Mural created by students, community members and teachers of Hugh John MacDonald School.

    Hugh John MacDonald School.

    Communities celebrate the students and communities work.

    Hugh John MacDonald Mural Celebration

    Hugh John MacDonald School..rep. their many cultures.

    Windows used to create Human rights pictures.  Tile, mirror, stained glass, tempered glass, ;aint and collage background.

    Argyle Alternative School

    Argyle Alternative School

    Argyle Alternative School

    Windows to the Soul ......  what is Important to you in your life.

    Argyle Alternative School

    Argyle Alternative School

    Windows of the Soul....Mosaic on Windows.

    Argyle Alternative School

    Strathcona School 

    Hugh John MacDonald middle years school mosaics.

    Team Humility mosaic mural.  The wolf.

    Hugh John MacDonald middle years school

    Riding mountain park mosaic

    Charleswood history 


    Beaverlodge School Mosaic Benches

    Elmwood High School 

    Elmwood High School

    Elmwood High School

    Dufferin School

    Every child is a star

    One Dufferin class made space vehicles to travel around the Dufferin Solar system.

    Hang on....

    Turtle constellation

    Dufferin school

    Wellington school

    Elmwood High School Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

    Elementary School E. Kildonen

    Norval Morriseau Flowers

    Bird tree mosaic with painting by Annie Bergan.

    Moon and star mosaics.  Excellence theme.

    Mosaic Dancing Sun

    Hugh John McDonald mascot

    Beaverlodge School

    students installing flowers



    Mixing Mortar


    Beaverlodge School

    Outdoor classroom



    Beaverlodge School



    Gordon Bell High School Human Rights theme


    Gordon Bell High School

    We are all the same on the inside


    Gordon Bell High School



    Gordon Bell High School


    Gordon Bell High School


    Teulon Elementary...Year 1



    Polson Elementary School 




    Polson Elementary School



    Beaverlodge School



    Beaverlodge School



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    North Y youth centre



    ARt room David Livingston school.



  • Artists and volunteers celebrate our collective honour.

    Red Road Lodge...Restoration Mural

    Mural of the Year


    Restoration mural...Logan and Main St. Winnipeg.  Community mural.

    Community mural creating by the many community members and local Artists over a 3 year period.

    Four Season panels  Created by the Community members of the West end neighbourhood.

    Daniel Mac St. Matthews community Association

    Based on the Art of Freidrich Hunterdwasser.

    ommunity members worked over a 3 month peiod to create the many mosaic pieces that  adorn the facade of the building.

    Coffee or Tea.....at the Elwick Village Resource Centre

    Window panel depicting the friendly sharing of Coffee and Tea at the centre.

    A glimpse of the houses on the Elwick Village mural

    Elwich Village Community 

    resource Centre

    Village people and gardens

    Elwick Village Resource Centre

    Community members and staff created the words and panels for the front of the building over a 3 month period.  A diversity of materials where used to create the letters and front panels.  Children of the community created the "my families" located beside the door.

    Flowers of Chile connected to the First nations symbols in a moon.  On Puento Alto, Chile, Municipal office exterior.  Part of a global mosaic project coordinated by Isadora Paz Lopez.

    Riverside Lions Signage


    Riverside Lions...signage for outdoor garden

    Riverside Lion's Canada 150


    Garden signage Riverside Lion's

    Riverside Lion's Canada 150


  • Fine Art for Sale

    Please contact Ursula Neufeld by e-mail at neufeldu@mymts.net or call 204-479-9037 for purchase enquiries.

    Northern Winds  $1200

    Churchill Series  Northern Winds

    Stained glass, Millifiori, glass tile

    Churchill Series Inukshuk

    Churchill Series  Inukshuk


    Churchill series Aurora 


    In the Woods


    Churchill series Aurora 


    Churchill series Aurora